Thursday, December 13, 2007

inspired or insipid? (i just like that last word...)

i seem to be a mystery to most
at least for all it is that makes me thus
let me correct and say that "most" means "men"
and when they pass on me they miss the bus

for though my gruff exterior might cast
a nearly frightening light on what else lies
beneath outspoken, fearless, playfulness
there waits within quite pleasant a surprise

'tis true i'm bold, and brazen, and up front
and not afraid to speak what's on my mind
but if one stays to gander past the surface
one might just be surprised at what's to find

a girl who's not afraid to sit and watch
supporting someone else who's in the light
a damsel fully willing to be caught
and swept up off her feet into the night

a lady who's okay not taking charge
who can be quiet, listen and be still
a woman who would give of all she had
and lovingly surrender to his will

but love, and even like, is harder when
you include wary, indecisive men
(and that's all of you, fellas)

it's been a long, long, time...

i can't believe i haven't been on here in over 2 years!!! that's what a wormhole in your memory can do for ya....

so i'll try to get some more stuff going on here. i don't have anything with me right now, so unless the muse strikes i'll have to get back to this another day.

thanks for reading, those who have, and i promise not to leave you hangin'!


Monday, August 15, 2005

The Dream - Part 3

With our eyes still locked together in that penetrating gaze
The whole world did swirl around us, blurring all into a daze
It did happen at that moment our blessed silence broke
With the sweetest of foreboding, just a word within a choke

Not the kind that hinders hearing; not with sadness of an end
But with longing for another day when things begin again
Yes, the word my non-corporeal love sent from his soul to mine
Was a precious, hard to hear, yet not unpalatable kind

As he uttered this one word his breath fell warm upon my skin
And his silky voice did soothe my soul and calm me from within
With the last res’nating hint of his sweet solitary word
Our private realm of paradise flitted round us like a bird

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Dream - Part 2

No words broke the peaceful calm of our ethereal rendezvous
Where we might have spoken, eyes told more than lips are able to
Though my gaze could pass right through him, round his waist my arms did stay
And I’ve never felt a warmth or touch to match his to this day

So in blissful, joyous heaven did my heart and soul reside
Quite suspended in that instance; in the air and by his side
No fear entered, no sense deadened, no corrupted imagery
No thing other than myself, and this enchanted entity

Then my suitor brought our eyes to meet, his brightest emerald green
And ‘twas then that he was clearer than he had quite ever been
His touch now was even warmer, his grip firmer, gentler still
My whole body, soul, conformed to his; my being bent to his will

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Dream - Part 1

One day as I sat dreaming sweet of a day that hadn’t come
A future time in which my company grew to more than one
I felt a slight breeze fall past me just to light upon my hand
A simple billow, nothing more, yet slowly there began

To materialize before me a tall, dark, and handsome gent
Not quite there, yet there enough so that my very breath was spent
With his barely there yet firm grasp he had brought me from my seat
And in just as quick a moment the earth fell from round my feet

Like two birds we floated high above green, rolling hills & trees
We skimmed mountain tops & traced along the caps of rolling seas
Higher still above the distant earth we danced among the clouds
In the heavens, quietly waltzing far from any thronging crowds...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What Power

How dreams defy & speak the truth together!
How sleep does draw real’ty closer still!
In twilight ramblings do our hearts tell whether
Our lives play out our deepest spirit’s will
In fantasy of slumber dreams are nearer
No hope is lost or dashed upon the rocks
The sweetest bits of dreams we hold much dearer
Enough to box and bind them behind locks
Behind our leaden lids are troubles faded
With deep & peaceful breaths this world forgot
This world that leaves us, after waking, jaded
This world in which the things of dreams are not
But dreams speak truth in volumes and who knows
What pow’r, the heart & spirit, Will bestows

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

One liners

"Dark, passionate eyes meet mine with the pain of a thousand dead souls..."

Isn't that a sweet first line? (if you'd like to know where it's from, feel free to ask...)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Like You Haiku?

Here's haiku for those of you who've spawned a little life

witty reparté
now there's naught but gibberish
goo goo ga ga goo

sweet scent fills the room
screaming baby, dirty pants
so much for fresh air

Here I go again

Ah, yet another opportunity to widdle away my hours and days... Poetry, prose and whatnot abound on this cyber spot (at least they intend to). Come soon to bask in the warmth of the verbose & prolithic meanderings of a Hollywood outsider.